At 52 years of age and, after completing seemingly endless personality assessments such as Myers Briggs, Birkman and Enneagram, here are the typical highlights I would get:

  • You want to be original, wise and peaceful. You are highly self-aware and reflective, you are shy, reserved and self-conscious. You need regular quiet time to reflect on your thoughts and emotions. Easily flooded with emotion, it may be difficult for you to voice your feelings and ideas to others.
  • Your life mission is to delve deeply into the mysteries of life and share your insight with others. A true philosopher (extremely contemplative), you are happiest when you can write about your discoveries and discuss them with others. Making sense of your world is a never-ending quest.

I have shared and talked about these findings with my family and closest friends and how they made me feel. I have slowly come to accept my deep introversion  to the point of being a recluse. My very close friend Allan quipped “you are what I would call an Enlightened Hermit. A beautiful soul yet you continually overlook the strengths and gifts of the hermit whose personality help all of us with introspection and deep thinking.” He encouraged me to read more about the hermit archetype.

In a flash I got it. For the first time in my life I accepted what Allan told me at face value and began to associate the Enlightened Hermit with strengths and gifts for others. I started to respect and honor this guy and, consequently, believe in myself. No wonder I had been stuck in a vicious cycle of wanting to promote myself without leaving my cave. Hermits by their nature want to be heard without knowing how to speak up. Hidden in plain sight.

So, I am an Enlightened Hermit. Now that I finally met him, I am learning to show him love and wish to spend my life helping him be the best hermit he can be. I felt very relieved and, at the same time, I thought “Wow, it can’t just be me who feels this way”.

In our extrovert biased society hermits and contemplative personalities get a pretty bad rap overall. In media shy and withdrawn types are labeled pejoratively as geeks, nerds or dweebs. Our preference for solitude and quietness is considered synonymous with retreat, surrender and, by extension, losing. In a society where high school hierarchy leaves its mark on our personality development as young adults, nuanced, geeky introverts are easy targets for the confident, black and white thinking, extroverted bullies. Confident extroverts are applauded in a world that feels to hermits like a 24/7 game show. Perhaps the price is right, but what is its value?

Why the Blog?

If you have ever asked yourself: how am I supposed to find my place? In a world that values empty buzzwords over full sentences, how in the heck am I going to get myself noticed? Join me. I am the Enlightened Hermit and am glad to make your acquaintance. Introverts like myself do not lack qualities and strengths, they possess different ones.

I am dedicating this blog to my fellow hermits wherever they are, those, who like me,  are exhausted by our Dunning-Krueger online world. A world that never stops promoting itself and uploading vapid videos about „How to brand yourself in 5 easy steps.“ Surely I am not alone in feeling like my real self in a contemplative corner of my home than acting out a billboard version of myself in an online video.

I am dedicating this blog space to those of you too who sense a deep affinity with the Lao Tzu quote: “He who knows, does not speak, He who speaks does not know“

I am dedicating this blog as a space to educate and swap stories about too often overlooked and misunderstood qualities and gifts of hermits and introverts. It is not at all to find fault in the strengths and gifts of extroverts, more to help all contributors and commentators to return to a natural state of human homeostasis regardless of your  extrovert or introvert tendencies.

Fellow introverts , you know how we tend to keep our strengths and talents concealed, well you will notice that the blog posts are grouped in 5 categories to remind us hermit types to keep our strengths and qualities in plain sight.

My wish and best hope for this Enlightened Hermit blog is to help bring together the introverts need to tell and promote their stories in nuanced 3D reality yet still be able to group them in a simple 2D blog forum.