About John Leslie Nicol

Born in Helensburgh, Scotland, I grew up in a musical and theatrical family. As an extremely introverted and withdrawn young boy, I realized that center stage was not for me. Instead my art form was to be anything to do with words, language and communications. With 2 masters degrees (Languages and Information Theory) I am fluent in 5 languages and have lived in 5 countries to date. Since 2014 I live near Washington DC where I provide Agile coaching to help businesses achieve excellence at work. What makes my results stand out is that I am very adept at tuning into the hidden potential of the most withdrawn people, the quiet ones who invariably provide the most impactful workplace innovations and solutions. This blog is a channel to explores both my own experiences with chronic introversion and I also hope will provide a forum to shine light on the unique gifts, skills and strengths of hermits everywhere.