WIKI Definition: Swamps are fertile wetlands that occupy basins, valley floors, deltas, and plains. They are fed by both groundwater and abundant surface runoff so receive a regular supply of nutrients and sediments from adjacent land. … Raupo (bullrush) is a common plant in very fertile swamps.

Swamps epitomize the necessary conditions for life and growth itself and so it is here at the cusp of spirit and material, at the boundary of the thing itself and the word for the thing where hermits exist.

It is not that we lack commitment – as it appears we do. It is that we are serial over-committers, so go insanely deep or do not even touch the surface. We are mucky and yucky or not at all.

I love and relate to the story of the Swampers – the backing band for some of the most legendary songs ever. The hermit enjoy swamping – occupying the edge of different eco-systems.